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GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal 8 Sim

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Thiết Bị giao tiếp Sim di động.

- Sử dụng cho tất cả các nhà mạng di động ở Việt Nam: Mobiphone, Vinaphone, Viettel, Sphone..

- Sử dụng cho mọi băng tần GSM

- Sử dụng cho các Sim cố định không dây Gphone, Sim Điện lực không dây, Sim Homephone...

- Hỗ trợ Hiển thị số gọi đến và gọi đi 2 chiều

- Hỗ trợ ác quy (battery) bên trong hoạt động cả khi mất điện.

- Hoạt động ổn định

Ứng dụng

- Dùng kết nối trực tiếp với điện thoại analog.

- Kết nối trung kế vào của tổng đài bất kỳ như tổng đài PanasonicTổng đài Siemens..

- Hoặc kết nối IPtrunking vào tổng đài IP

- Dùng cho ứng dụng ghi âm điện thoại các Sim di động


  1. Based on GSM900MHz/1800MHz
  2. Siemens TC35 GSM module
  3. Support 8 SIM cards
  4. Support reverse polarity
  5. Connect to PBX 


Main Functions:

  1. Suitable for GSM 900/1800MHz, using SIM card 
  2. Make and answer calls after connecting to telephone set 
  3. Available to connect with telephone set, PBX, Billing machine, etc
  4. Caller ID
  5. Built-in PIN code protection for locking device/card/network 
  6. Support redialing and hands-free
  7. Support voice adjustment and multi-lever volume to be chosen
  8. Optional to match with various high-gain antennas
  9. The indicators for signal intensity ,working status ,breakdown and so on
  10. Setting up and modification of parameters through the phone set


Technique Parameters:

  1. Working Frequency
    Rx(EGSM 900): 925~960MHz
    Tx(EGSM 900): 800~915MHz
    Rx(DCS 1800) : 1805~1880MHz
    Tx(DCS 1800) : 1710~1785MHz
  2. Antenna Plus: >3dB
  3. Emission Power: 2W
  4. Receiving Sensitivity: GSM900: <-117dB
  5. Working Voltage: AC220V/DC12~24V


Package Information: 

Size: 440(L) × 245 (W) × 45 (H) mm
Package: 1pc/carton


GSM Fixed Wireless terminal with PSTN port :

GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal is an equipment based on GSM network. It provides fixed phone set access port and converts the wire signal to wireless signal through GSM network.

 The terminal can solve the problems of communication with the remote areas, and it is also the best choice for long distance communication with the train, ship, bus, public telephone and other vehicles where wire line cannot be accessed.

This terminal is embedded GSM900MHz/1800MHz wireless communication module. It has high output power and sensitive receiving radio in the GSM network. Compared with common GSM network mobile phone, it has strong signal and voice quality transmission. It has compact pattern, exquisite appearance and convenient operations.


Main Functions:

  1. Suitable for 900/1800 MHz public mobile telephone networks, using SIM card.
  2. Connect with telephones to make and answer calls.
  3. Four ports can share one antenna.Multi-antenna are also compatible.
  4. Detect called party answer, and provide exact reverse  polarity signal  for charging.
  5. Caller ID.
  6. Dialer function inside, programmable call routing (such as you can set 193 or 17911 IP phone when launching long distance call).
  7. Provide an integrated telephone tone.
  8. Support redialing and hands-free.
  9. Multi-level volume to be chosen.
  10. Available to wireless signal indicator.
  11. Setting up parameters and modification of parameters through the phone set or PC.
  12. Support standby battery(optional).
  13. Double security by phone password and PIN code.


Technique Parameters:

  1. Working Frequency: 
    Rx (EGSM 900): 925 to 960 MHz 
    Tx (EGSM 900): 800 to 915 MHz 
    Rx (DCS1800): 1805 to 1880 MHz 
    Tx (DCS1800): 1710 to 1785 MHz
  2. Antenna Plus:>3dBm
  3. Emission Power:2W
  4. Receiving Sensitivity:GSM900: <-117dBm
  5. Working Voltage:AC220V/DC12~48V
  6. User access port: 
    Dialing tone frequency: 450Hz continued 
    Busy tone frequency: 450Hz 0.35s/0.35s
  7. Volume:440(L)*245(W)*45(H) mm
  8. Weight:3700g
  9. Environment Temperature:0-55 degree centigrade

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Xuất Xứ : China

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